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A Black & White Cat Getting its Teeth Brushed

Dog teeth cleanings and cat teeth cleanings are important to having strong oral health for your pets. Just like humans, pets also need to have a strong and healthy set of teeth. This will help them chew on food with ease, helping them become nourished and fully grown. Without proper care, dental diseases can develop, leading to infections that will make your companion seriously ill. Don’t worry, as you can prevent these diseases given the right oral care for cats and dogs.

Importance of Maintaining Pet’s Teeth

The number one reason to maintain the oral health of your pet is to prevent a variety of dental issues and problems like periodontal disease. This gum disease is caused by the build-up of bacteria in the mouth of dogs and cats. When left untreated, pets can lose teeth, develop bleeding gums and experience chronic pain.

When pets feel pain constantly, they won’t be able to eat properly and become stressed. The long-term effect of gum diseases are complications in the heart, kidney and liver. Hence, it is very crucial for pet owners to recognize the signs of dental issues.

If you happen to spot blood in the saliva of your pet, you must be alert and visit a local veterinarian nearby. Head shyness or not wanting to be touched in the head is also an indication of problems. The presence of bumps and lumps in the mouth are also signs of dental disease.

Ways to Maintain Teeth

It’s so easy to help take care of your pet’s set of teeth. Aside from the daily brushing, regular dog and cat dental cleanings, it is also recommended to remove built-up plaque and tartar. There are also treats and toys that can help remove plaques but make sure to consult with an expert to use specific products perfect for cats and dogs.

Dog and Cat Dental Cleanings: Brushing

Let your pet be comfortable and get used to this routine. You can allow them to lick the toothpaste first to recognize the situation and eventually get the idea of brushing. Use a pet-specific toothpaste and toothbrush to avoid issues concerning the mouth and teeth. Remember, there are chemicals that are okay for human consumption but are bad for pets.

After every brushing, don’t forget to give your pet treats for encouragement. Do this regularly so cats and dogs will behave and stay still.

Quality Pet Food

Just like humans, pets also have nutritional needs depending on their stage of life. Giving quality dog food is extremely important to make cats and dogs nourished and prevent oral diseases. Feeding a puppy with extremely hard bone treats can cause damage to the teeth.

Best Pet Insurance

Visits to the veterinarian don’t come cheap, add to that the procedures that needed to be done. Good thing, you can avail of pet plan insurance from the best providers like Petplan and Ontario Veterinary Medical Association or OVMA.

Petplan has been around for over 40 years, providing quality pet insurance. OVMA also offer great plans, being the only insurance that covers for annual preventatives like vaccinesheartworm tests and control plus tick or flea control.

Dogs and cats have separate plans to cater to their specific needs. Depending on your budget, you can enjoy yearly illness coverage, accident coverage, unlimited consultations and discounts on procedures.

Check out these plans to ensure oral care for cats and dogs. You will not only save money but also provide quality healthcare for your beloved companions.